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CNC machine tools is the key to the car dies
Restrict root cause mold manufacturing technology for high-end multi-axis CNC machining of the mold. China's mold industry output value of more than 1.8 trillion yuan, with an average growth rate of 17%, higher than the average value of China's GDP has more than doubled. As one of the main applications of the mold industry downstream automobile industry, China has about one-third of the mold products and services for the automotive industry, China mold Auto Body Equipment Committee Association Secretary-General Wu Bing said.

Mold is the automotive industry on the basis of technology and equipment, automobile production in more than 90% of the parts need to rely mold forming. 1500 required an ordinary car manufacturing molds, which accounted for more than 1,000 sets of stamping dies. In the development of new models, 90 percent of the workload around to change the body type are conducted face. In the new model development costs, about 60% for the body and the development of stamping process and equipment. In the vehicle manufacturing costs by about 40% for body stamping and assembly costs.

The future of the automotive manufacturing mold proportion will continue to rise. By car mold mold industry accounted for about one-third of the market share estimates, in 2014 auto mold market reached 600 billion yuan.

Our key mold enterprises reached nearly 110, which accounted for about 37% of stamping dies, these data demonstrated strong automotive mold manufacturing country, China has become the fact that the International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold says.

Automobile production in more than 90% of the parts need to rely mold forming in the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the automotive industry, the mold industry more than 40% of the products are auto mold, while only one-third of the country mold products for the automotive manufacturing services.

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistical data to predict, in 2015 China automobile production capacity to reach 34 million, such a huge market demand will bring unlimited business opportunities China's auto mold industry. China's mold industry would like to develop an intensive course, take the intensive development path, be sure to want to "low input, high output," the business goals, which requires mold companies from many aspects change.

Domestic auto industry is growing very fast mold, auto mold manufacturing companies already have a considerable size and quantity. Industry analysis, mold production is still in the low end of duplication, there are a lot of high-end products mold gap. With the domestic auto industry continues to develop high-end of the required mold requirements are also increasing, and the current development of China's high-end mold design and manufacturing capabilities, but also far from being able to fully meet the needs of China's automobile industry, high-end mold still import large quantities.

So to solve this problem rely on imports of high-end mold, we must first improve the manufacturing level of China's mold. And raise the level of China's manufacturing molds must begin to develop and manufacture high-end mold.

Experts said that the root of the constraints mold manufacturing technology, is the high-end multi-axis machining molds CNC machine tools. To continue efforts to have developed a functional high-speed, complex, intelligent, environmental protection and other high-end multi-axis CNC machine tools, in order to promote the domestic auto industry continues to move towards high-end mold.

Three-dimensional design
Three-dimensional design of the mold is digitized mold technology an important part, is the basis for mold design, manufacturing and test integration.
Toyota, GM and other US companies have realized the three-dimensional design of the mold, and made a good effect. In addition to the three-dimensional mold design conducive to achieving integrated manufacturing, the advantage is the ease of interference checking, can interfere with movement analysis to solve the two-dimensional design of a problem.

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, stamping process simulation technology is playing an increasingly important role. In the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries, CAE mold design and manufacturing technology has become an essential part of the process, is widely used to predict forming defects, optimize the structure of the stamping process and die, mold design improves reliability and reduces the tryout time. Many domestic automobile mold companies in CAE applications have also made significant progress, get a good result. Application of CAE technology can greatly reduce the cost of test mode, shorten the development cycle of stamping dies, has become an important means to ensure the quality of the mold. CAE mold design technology is gradually transformed by the experience in the design of scientific design.

In recent years, the rapid development of digital technology mold, is an effective way to solve many of the problems facing the development of automotive die of. The so-called digital mold technology is computer technology or computer-assisted technology in mold design and manufacturing process.

Advanced processing technology and equipment is an important foundation to improve productivity and ensure product quality. In advanced automotive mold companies with dual table CNC machine tools, automatic tool changer, automatic processing of optical control system, the workpiece line measurement system is not uncommon. CNC machining by simple surface machining process development to full-surface and surface structure, the Central low speed to high speed machining process development, process automation technology has developed very rapidly. High-strength steel stamping technology is the future direction of development. Since the high-strength steel in yield ratio, strain hardening behavior, strain distribution capacity and the crash, and so has excellent characteristics, the amount used in the car is increasing.

Currently, high-strength steel in the automotive stampings used mainly paint hardened steel, duplex steel, phase transformation induced plasticity steel. International lightweight body-expected 2010 launch of the advanced concept car 97% of the material for high-strength steels, advanced high-strength steel in the vehicle timber account for more than 60%, while the proportion of vehicles which account for two-phase steel with steel 74%.

Now a lot of IF steel used mainly in soft steel series will be an alternative series of high-strength steel, high-strength low-alloy steel will be replaced by dual-phase steel and ultra high strength steel. At present, the application of the domestic auto parts high-strength steel structure is still mostly limited to the beam type parts, the tensile strength of the material used in 500MPa much less. Therefore, high-strength steel stamping quickly master technology, is an important issue of China's auto mold industry to be solved.

Timely introduction of new die
As automotive stamping production efficiency and automation of development, progressive die stamping parts in the production of automotive applications will be more extensive. Shape complex stampings, especially those in the traditional process requires more points deputy die punching sequence of small and medium sized complex stampings, increasingly adopting progressive die forming. Progressive Die Mold is a high-tech products, technical difficulty, manufacture high precision, long production cycle. Multi-position progressive die mold will be one of our focus on product development.

Mold material quality and performance is an important factor mold quality, longevity and cost impact. In recent years, in addition, there have been a variety of high toughness and high wear resistance of cold work tool steel, flame hardening cold work tool steel, cold work tool steel powder metallurgy launch, the foreign press die in the medium-sized selection of cast iron, is a worthy concerned about trends. Ductile iron has good toughness and wear resistance, weldability, machinability and surface hardening properties are also good, but the cost is lower than the alloy cast iron, and therefore in the automotive stamping dies used more often.

Fine mold manufacturing, is the result of the development process and the mold in terms of manufacturing, in particular the performance of the stamping process and die design rationalization, rigor precision tooling, mold products of high reliability and technical management. Fine mold manufacturing in fact not a single technology, but rather designed to reflect the processing and management of integrated technologies. Mold Manufacturing achieve fine addition to relying on technical excellence, but also on strict management to protect.
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